These pictures were taken before, during and after the NSS 2003 Convention Geology Field Trip. Thanks go to Louise D. Hose our trip planner and leader. Geology notes are below.

01 LVpark mono18a

01 LVpark mono18a.jpg

02 LVpark mono20

02 LVpark mono20.jpg

03 LVpark mono5a

03 LVpark mono5a.jpg

04 mono26

04 mono26.jpg

05 A much broken rock mono23

05 A much broken rock mono23.jpg

06 mono13

06 mono13.jpg

07 mono27a copy

07 mono27a copy.jpg

08 Alkali Flies mono21

08 Alkali Flies mono21.jpg

09 D1_mono26

09 26.jpg

10 D2_mono26a

10 D2_mono26a.jpg

11 mono15a

11 mono15a.jpg

12 D1_mono13a

12 13a.jpg

13 D1_mono17a

13 17a.jpg

14 Cave Formation! mono28

14 Cave Formation! mono28.jpg

15 Navy Beach mono1a

15 Navy Beach mono1a.jpg

16 Navy Beach mono2a

16 Navy Beach mono2a.jpg

17 Navy Beach mono4a

17 Navy Beach mono4a.jpg

18 Navy Beach momo7a8

18 Mono 7a8.jpg

The colors are fairly accurate for the local Lee Vining Park. The Navy Beach ones are effected by the glow of the sunset and the blue sky. The Mono Lake South Tufa colors were adjusted to my memory of the place.

These tufa formations result from combining calcium (from the under water springs) with carbonates in the water. Navy Beach is an example of the process taking place in the lake bed sands. 2010 comment: Don't expect to find the last few formations today as they were very soft.

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