Privacy Statement / designer brag page. We pay for our site and hence do not have any pop up ads. There is no spy ware, no JAVA programs, no COOKIES and not even any scripts to gather information on you and your computer or your monitor. So you can turn off all those things in your browser. We don't even have access to what time you click on our site. We also do not require the use of programs not available as part of your browser from about 1995 on. You can even turn off the graphics and an explanation of what you are missing will show.

What are you missing that is important: Well, sound! Flashing signs!!! We cave softly leaving no foot prints on your screen. May your computer fly with the eagles.

Our ISP (web host) does provide us with browser used, referral network, number of visits etc. But, not addresses of our visitors.

Actually now that I am using Photoshop's crippled web program I do not know what's my web site is doing.